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According to WHO, half of the people on the planet today die not from dangerous infections, as in past eras. The main enemies of humanity have become fast food, overeating, stress, “sedentary” work and “couch” leisure.

An entire generation of people suffering from obesity and doomed to type 2 diabetes. The asymptomatic period of these pathologies may be delayed for years, during which the body’s forces will slowly but surely erode. This tells us about the destructive activity of the underlying disease and prevent an excessive body mass index.

On the other turn, a deficient BMI will signal another abnormality — the painful exhaustion of a person. This condition should also cause concern. An organism with an insufficient mass of fatty deposits is not able to cope normally with its functions and resist diseases. Lack of adipose tissue can be a sign of type 1 diabetes, osteoporosis, digestive disorders, problems with breathing or mental health.

body mass index calculator formula

What is BMI Calculator?

Body Mass Index – is the indicator of your full health. BMI shows the fat percentage in your body. It can be rather excessive or deficient. This is why lately your medical card does absolutely have this indicator calculated and inscribed into.

This page provides you with Body Mass Index calculator online usage. You can have your measurement by BMI calculator for men, for women, for kids and teens. Normally, index is different for all of ages BMI calculator formula includes your measures in metric (cm and kg) but also after you have your measures you put your result into you age frame. Exactly this action help you to get your most valid indicators and explanation.

How to use the Body Mass Index Calculator?

Our online calculator will be your quick and accurate helper in calculating BMI. You do not have to manually multiply and divide. Automatic electronic calculator program is here for you.

The principle of its operation is simple and clear. This list will show you BMI calculator how to use properly:

  • Mark your height (in centimeters or inches) and weight (in kilograms or pounds). Female measurement tend to be lower than male, also children and teens.
  • Enter the total number of your years in the appropriate field.
  • After filling out the entire form of the calculator, click the “Calculate” button. Program data corrected in accordance with the recommendations of experts.

body mass index calculator

The BMI calculator formula

To get your measurements, you need to determine your weight (in kilograms or pounds) and measure your height (in centimeters or inches). Then the number denoting weight should be divided by the number obtained by squaring the numerical expression of height. In other words, you need to use the formula of BMI calculator metric that conveys the ratio of body weight to height:


Where:  M – Body Mass (kg/lbs):

H – Height in metric (cm/in).

After you get all measurements with our body mass index calculator formula you use the chart to determine your indicators right and to know whether you need to make hard actions, need to keep going your own or better increase your BMI.

Health Status
Body Mass Index
18-30 years more than 30 years
Lack of body weight less than 19.5 less than 20.0
Norm 19.5-22.9 20.0-25.9
Excess body weight 23.0-27.4 26.0-27.9
Obesity I grade 27.5-29.9 28.0-30.9
Obesity grade II 30.0-34.9 31.0-35.9
Obesity grade III 35.0-39.9 36.0-40.9
Obesity IV grade 40.0 and above 41.0 and above

Diagram BMI

This BMI Chart helps you to determine and understand how your results gotten by the BMI calculator. The usage of the chart is very easy:

  1. Define your height in the column on the left;
  2. Go straight the line and of your height and find your weight;
  3. The last action is to go up the column your weight is and find your BMI.

The number you get is your Body mass index indicator. This is the mechanical way to find out your index.

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